The Builder’s Academy is an organizational system that connects students with teachers so that the knowledge, skill, and passion of building in Minecraft can be spread over a growing community.

This system is designed with two ideas in mind:
to make it easy for students to locate a class on a subject of interest
to make it easy for teachers to host a class and get the word out to those who may be interested in attending

If you are a student, check our student guide to learn how to use the academy site to identify when and where classes are taking place.  Some classes may be interactive on a recognized Minecraft server while others may be seminar style classes via Twitch or YouTube live stream.

If you are a teacher, check our teacher guide to learn how to use the academy site to create and publish your classes onto our organized calendar that makes it easy for students to find you!  Choose from various packages for easy class set-up for Minecraft servers hosting your presentation.

Stay on top of class announcements by following our Twitter.  Classes, when published, are automatically tweeted out with information on when and how to attend.

Please join our Discord as class channels (both text and voice) can be automatically created for participation during classes.  You can also find academy staff who can help answer any questions you may have.